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Anthology of Christmas & New Year's Holiday Themed Short Stories and Poems: Best Read on a Flight

Not everyone prefers or enjoys reading short stories, and I'm one of those who don't. Being more of a Novel lover, I'll stick to my overall feeling with this Anthology and refrain from adding any technical comments.

So this anthology by author Manali Desai is an interesting mix of tales with a festive flavour. Although not in every story is this flavor ingrained seamlessly. Some stories did feel like the setting of New Years / Christmas has been superimposed to make the story fit the theme of the anthology.

And that is not a bad thing.

Overall my reaction to the first few stories was indifferent. The events in the stories, as they unfolded, failed to elicit any emotional response in me.

The titular story had me wondering if it was the first draft of a really wonderful story.

However, the anthology is not without merits.

Starting with my favourite story - At the Stroke of Midnight: Easily the most comfortable story to read. The characters and events flow effortlessly and by the end of the story, you feel nice. It also was the longest story in the collection.

From the childish innocence of ‘Naughty or Nice’ to the nostalgic strokes of ‘A Foggy Memory’ to the shots of flirtatious romance - ‘Happy Meal’ and ‘No Resolutions’; some stories will bring a smile on your face and a flutter to your heart.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read on a two hour flight.

Read it on Kindle Unlimited:

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