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Give Me More of The Mōsa Chronicles RIGHT NOW...

In the right hands this world could be spawning a blockbuster movie someday, maybe the beginning of an epic fantasy series.

Rise of a Dark Throne is a Fantasy Romance filled with intrigue, magic and friendship along with a healthy dose of betrayal, loss and, of course, the obligatory prophesy.

The protagonist, Sole, is the queen of Mōsa, an island nation with breathtaking beauty (beauty of the nation as well as its people). When a dark magical plague leaves her alone to grieve the loss of her family and to strive to rebuild her nation which has a huge chunk of its population wiped out, the strength of her character and the curse of being able to wield magic help her survive.

When summoned by an enemy king, Sole embarks on a voyage to the kingdom of Sundom to heal the ailing king with her magic. Escorting her is the privileged and borderline arrogant prince Rivian.

With a quest built on lies on both sides, and an intricate web of shifting loyalties, love and betrothal, betrayal and heartbreak and uncharted magic, the story progresses to reveal a dark enemy which takes everyone by surprise. More surprising was the twist at the end when it seemed a happy ending was in sight and the hero was with the heroine!

There is a significant parallel between this world and the world of Wakanda from the MCU - especially with the Dora Milaje type elite Queensguard sqad in this story, and an abundance of purple glow in everything. But that does not take anything away from the story.

Attractions and flirtations abound in this whole story. The sex, when it happens, feels natural and tasteful, warm and passionate, not too graphic but carnal at the same time.

This is a carefully crafted and wonderfully narrated world of fantasy which had me finish the book in three days (I have a full-time job)! The scenes unfold in exquisite details with colours, flavours, fragrances and sentiments so nicely and aptly narrated that it takes this work of art to a whole new level.

Really the wordplay is absolutely and incomparably good in this one.

Which is why it irritated me to no ends to find so many typos. I mean, I would be in the palace, or the cave or the ship, completely engrossed, and all of a sudden, a typo would hit me like piece of eggshell in an amazing cheese omelette.

Give me more of The Mōsa Chronicles RIGHT NOW...

…just get someone to proofread before publishing.

Thanks Ligia N. Cushman and Katie and Brey PA for this book, however I was glad that it was already out on Kindle Unlimited, so I borrowed it on my Kindle.

This is an absolutely must read for all who love fantasy and / or romance. And the cover is great. I wish a paperback was available!

Get your copy here:

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