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Let Me Help You With Your Book

Ready to Get Published
Story Book

Just writing a book is not sufficient. There are so many steps which go into making your work ready to get transcribed in the form of a book: be it an e-book or a printed book.

I can guide you though the steps towards publishing and help you do some things which you might not be confident in doing yourself.

Contact me with details of your book for personalized service directory and estimate.

Let's get your book ready for the world.




If you're looking for high-quality editing and proofreading services, look no further. I will turn your drafts in Hindi or English into crisp and polished manuscripts, ensuring that you get the best results possible in your published book. My goal is to provide the most accurate edits while preserving the author's unique voice. I focus on fiction, but no matter your project, I'm here to help. With my careful attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, I can help you turn your dream into a reality.


I can providing creative, unique and bespoke book cover designs: both for e-books or paperbacks. Your book cover will be exactly to your specifications, one that reflects the theme and taste of your book perfectly. Let me know what you have in mind and I will design it for you.


I can help you gain visibility and exposure for your books and build a relationship with your readers. Promotional activities, such as bookstagram interaction, posts and reels and YouTube interviews to help your book stand out. Reviews of your book can ensure it has the potential to reach more readers.


If you're a writer looking to get an in-depth critique on your latest manuscript, then look no further. Beta reading provides authors with the invaluable opportunity to have their work reviewed and critiqued by experienced bookstagrammers before they publish. This can help you make sure your story is ready to be released into the world.


Although I do not work with a publishing company, I can be your one-stop solution for all your self-publishing needs. 


I understand that getting your book noticed on marketplaces among thousands can be a difficult process.

Reviews written by both me and other peers can help you be sure that your book will get the attention it deserves.

Honest reviews, written in an engaging style, that will help your book turn heads and the star ratings will help your book climb up the charts.

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