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The Perspective of a Doctor

Life is never how it appears in the movies and pages of a novel. Age and experience grant people some perspective: a new way to look at things. How does one identify himself/herself in the world - both in solitude and around others.


My Name is Dr. Abhinav Atul.

I am an Occupational Health Physician by profession. I take care of patients as a physician, but in the setting of their workplace - which is, in my case, a manufacturing facility. I have worked with Chemical industry, Cement and FMCG: People and their families are the same everywhere, but their issues and problems differ.

I am also a content creator on YouTube and a Bookstagrammer: platforms where I mainly showcase the diversity, the versatility of life. I talk about books, movies, shows, gadgets, car care, cooking and of course, health awareness.


My debut novel is now live - available both in paperback and ebook on Amazon, NotionPress and Flipkart.
Currently I am working on a spin-off novel - taking the story of two characters in The Fourth Kiss forward through the years.

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