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6 Underground: Love It for Reynolds or Hate It for Bay

Say what you will about the Transformers movies, Michael Bay is actually a successful director. His movies, more often than not, become blockbuster profitable projects for studios, and yet, are mostly panned by critics. No wonder he keeps getting money from producers and studios to make over the top Action extravaganza with hardly a plot to make the scenes stick.

In any case, right off the bat if you have watched the trailers for the #NetflixFilm you know that this is a movie about a team of six people who are presumed dead. Obviously, all six of them are alive and kicking, and all six of them, actually, seven of them (one is not shown in the trailer) have great backstories. I mean, they would be 'Great' if you actually cared for them and I'm telling you, you won't.

So, this is a movie about two things: first and foremost it is about Michael Bay getting a huge budget and free reign for an R-rated Netflix action movie, and, secondly, it is about a rogue and EXTREMELY WELL PROVISIONED team orchestrating a regime change, a coup d'etat, in fictional Middle Eastern country (Turgistan - which may be a real province in Pakistan or a cinematic version of Turkmenistan, or something like that).

Before we dive into my thoughts about this movie let me tell you a few things why you should watch this movie. You should watch this movie for the awesome car chase scene in the beginning of the movie. Secondly, you should watch this movie to see Ryan Reynolds playing his own witty self.

What you shouldn't expect from this movie are cohesiveness, character development and, well, a sensible storyline.

Ryan Reynolds is as usual chatty and spontaneous. He plays One, the leader of the team and being the leader of the team we are most disappointed that we know least about him as a character. All we know is that he is filthy rich resourceful and can hold his ground in a fight. Why is he going after this generic villain? Don't know. Why has he chosen a mission so far from his own country? No idea.

It is a Michael Bay movie through and through, with its elaborate and explosive action sequences.

Action in Michael Bay movies are been known to be a bit confusing. This time around, in 6 Underground Michael Bay has managed to add one more layer of confusion! At several points in this movie we are not certain whether the scene is taking place in the present or few months in the past or few years in the past.

All in all, this movie feels like an uneven blend of many genres. At times it feels like a spy thriller, like Mission Impossible, at times it just feels like a video game where generic goons keep coming out of a single door like zombies. And there are elements of witty comedy and gory action like Deadpool. Most of all, it is an explosive movie: cars crashing into each other, getting ripped apart, flipping around... yeah it did feel like some of the elements from Transformers movies were taken.

And the villain!! The villain is there because he's the villain. He looks evil, he does bad things, he kills innocent people and he has an army. Can't expect any more depth in a villain of a Michael Bay movie. That being said the movie is not without its merits. This movie is a fun ride - one time. I am glad it didn't come out in theaters. I could watch it in the comfort of my home.

The movie started with a narration by Ryan Reynolds which eventually made no sense by the end of the movie. The movie could simply have started with the high-octane car chase scene that I mentioned earlier. When high speed car chase is underway in a close-knit city like Florence there will be carnage. And not just shops and stalls and things flying around; people will get hurt. That is what is shown in the first car chase scene and it sets up such high expectations that the rest of the movie falls almost flat.

I am going for a suitable 6 Thumbs Ups 6 underground, out of 10.

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