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An Unconventional Novella

Payal Dedhia’s first book of the series named “Unconventional Love”, is kind of a mixed bag.

This is an episode in the story of two people in a long-time extramarital affair. When I say an episode, I actually mean it. We are told that the relationship had going on for around 10 years, while the events of this book take place over a span of 10 days or less, there is a lot to be wanted (or not wanted).

Kairav Raichand is a business tycoon. A ruthless businessman with a family and with a dominating and controlling personality - both in his professional and much less explored personal life. Akanksha is an intelligent woman who has reached great heights of success but is full of self-doubt, submission and guilt when it comes to her ten years long affair with Kairav, his former boss and mentor.

Their love story is presented to us as being comprised of some hidden weekend getaways with Akanksha having almost no control over her situation or over the relationship.

When an unexpected complication occurs, Akanksha decides she has had enough and takes matters into her own hand. The episode ends with new possibilities of the future.

The most disappointing thing I felt while reading it on my Kindle was that the story ended at 78% (Page 86 of this 121-page book). The rest, aside for Author’s bio and a few regular inclusions in any book, is filled with blurbs of all the books by this author…which is a lot (over a dozen since 2020)!

I mean, kudos to the author for being so active, but do I really need to read blurbs of all her previous books when I have one of her books in my hand…I think not - and I did not. So, when Kindle was telling me I had 38 minutes left to read in this book, I had already finished with The Other One.

Also, if you are a grammar Nazi, stay away from this book.

The character of Akanksha is not of a strong woman – and that is the intention of the book. Despite being at the pinnacle of her professional journey, she is a mess at a personal level. She may incite pity and sympathy more than compassion and understanding, at least as far as the events strictly in this book are concerned. That being said, her character was well explored.

The premise is nice and I liked the writing style for the most part. As the author has promised more books in this series, I think this story would be served better with prequels, rather than sequels.

You may find the a sex scene disturbing because of the use of force, but it was not too graphic and extremely short.

It is a short, okay read which could have been much, much better with some professional editing.

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