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FROZEN II: A Healthy Dose of Nostalgia - Disney Animated Musical Style

There are some movies which you can enjoy only if you are a child at heart and there are some movies which you can enjoy only if you are a bit sentimental. Frozen II is a Disney animated musical movie which means it is mainly focused on kids, but if you are in the theatre, no matter how old you are you are going to love it.

This sequel to the unexpected smash-hit Frozen carries forward the story of the Arendale sisters, Elsa and Anna. Along with them for the ride our Olaf, the snowman, Sven, the reindeer and Kristoff. The first thing you wonder is whether this movie is as good as Frozen, the original: the answer is simply, 'no'.

Frozen wasn't merely a musical which won millions of hearts with its 'Let It Go' song. It had a unique premise which broke down the traditional definitions of true love's kiss and hero to the rescue. The bond between the sisters is the only thing that is carried forward from Frozen to its sequel.

Olaf, who was the lovable comic relief in the original movie, is here in the sequel as a repetition of himself. The chemistry between Kristoff and Sven, which was endearing in the first movie is here more or less as a filler for a simple and concise plot. The storyline of how past deeds catch up with the present is not too deep, and that is expected as this is a kids' movie.

What carries Frozen II is the unmistakable dynamics these two sisters share. And, obviously, the amazing music and spectacular visuals.

No nothing can reach the heights of Let It Go but Idina Menzel shines again. Mostly in 'Into The Unknown' and 'Show Yourself': the two core songs of this movie. There's a funny recap of the entire story of Frozen, narrated and acted by Olaf - one of the most comical points of this movie. I think it would have served better in the first act. The trolls are used sparingly, which is good.

There are two songs in the movie which could have easily been cut off in favor of adding a few minutes of gravity into the climax. One of them features Olaf and the other one, Kristoff and his reindeer. In fact the character of Kristoff is even more redundant than that of Olaf.

But movies such as this can be forgiven for a bit of mediocrity because in this quest, in this adventure, at one side there is the mystery behind the origin of Elsa's powers and then there is the character and strength of Anna. This duo elevates the entire movie to another level, when they are interacting together as well as when they're apart.

In Frozen II the chemistry between Elsa and Anna are not dependent on the songs only. The girls have grown up, as has the voice acting talent behind the animations; and while we are talking about the amazing Idina Menzel, there is much to be said about Kristen Bell. In fact the duo of Idina and Kristen work well in songs as well as as characters.

There was a scene in Frozen where Anna had done her ultimate act of true love, sacrificing herself to protect her sister. Anna had frozen, only to thaw a few minutes later. In Frozen II there is a similar scene but the impact of freezing and thawing was missing altogether.

Another issue which I have with this movie is with a character who is perhaps an animal or a manifestation of energy or something.

There's no doubt that this creature is absolutely cute and it will sell millions and millions of toys, but the moment I saw it - it reminded me of Pascal from Tangled.

Anyway the entire movie is filled with beautiful scenery, beautiful art, beautiful animations and it stands its ground as a musical. And those of you who have listened to the entire album before watching the movie, please bear in mind that this same music as it appears in the movie is far more energetic and impactful than how you feel listening to it on your headphones.

So, all in all it is a very good, very enjoyable movie. Definitely not up to the level of Frozen, still one of the best animated movies to come out this year.

Remember this movie is mainly focused on kids but still there is lot of fun and lot of enjoyment to be had for adults as well.

I'll give Frozen II six-and-a-half Thumbs ups out of ten.

No matter how you feel about this movie I am 100% certain that Elsa and Anna's adventures would continue and Disney will soon announce another sequel.

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