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I wish Magic The Gathering was more Popular in India

Recently the beloved card game Magic the Gathering jumped into the spotlight after it was revealed that Russo bros. are all set to make an animated series for Netflix based on MTG.

I was intrigued...until I played MTG Arena.

And then I was Addicted.

I have been playing both the card game and its online version MTG Arena for few months now and it is indeed a pleasure. Most of us grew up knowing only one card game - the classic 52 card deck.

There were few "trump cards" available when we were kids, but those were not too popular.

Now - I see there is a whole universe of a card game based on a rich saga of interplanary wizards or 'Planeswalkers'. I own two ready-made decks and one deckbuilders toolkit - which helped me build customised decks for play. And I have ordered the latest set which was released last week.

In my video ( I have shared some basics of the game and the contents of the Deck Builders Toolkit...

Will be making more videos on the topic when I recieve my new box.

Magic The Gathering - Seven cards in a Hand

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