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Principles of Lifestyle Medicine - Could Have Been Shorter

Being a doctor myself, I do appreciate the need for lifestyle modifications, diet and exercise for good health.

Then I read the eight page foreword exalting the virtues of the book immediately followed by the obligatory disclaimer that this book is for awareness only and does not constitute medical advice.

And I completely agree.

I mean, the content of this book do not contain any medical advice whatsoever. What it contains are loads of generalized concept of wellbeing hammering into the reader the principles of lifestyle medicine by repeating similar stuff over and over again.

The book gave me a distinct feeling of being an editorial or an article expanded into a hundred page book.

Phrases like, “in this subchapter we shall explore…” and “in conclusion”, give this a text book like feel. Only, the part between the prefacing and concluding phrases is relatively short and equally devoid of any specific learning.

There is no doubt about the factual correctness, relevance and benefits of the material presented in the book. But the book, at the same time, does not offer anything new. No numbers, no references, no hint of actual evidence based approach.

You may find a few good and useful practical tips here and there in the book. But if you are a fairly educated, decently informed individual, then you do not need to read about self love from this book.

This book may be recommended as a light read for younger readers wanting an overview of lifestyle medicine and its beneficial effects.

You can check out the book here:

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