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Read This Novel As A Romance Only...Not Much Of A Dark Dystopian Romance

Thank you Aura Budd for having me be a part of Xena’s Medallion.

I read the first five chapters of Xena’s Medallion as part of the Dark Dystopian Anthology In Ruin. My review of In Ruin:

Now finally the story is complete and I am a little torn.

Xena’s Medallion is the story of Xena, daughter of the leader of one of the two factions this country is divided into. The Dark Medallions are the hardworking and exploited faction while the Light Medallions are those who revel in luxury and excess. This divide created a century ago has left the country in a constant state of conflict and war.

Xena and Phoenix are on a mission together to infiltrate the Light Medallion territory to end this divide once and for all. The mission, obviously, doesn’t go as planned. In comes Silas… a godlike hero with the perfect mixture of looks, strength, past trauma and inner demons to have Xena swoon.

Soon, Xena, Phoenix and Silas team up to finish the mission.

Xena’s Medallion is supposed to be a Dark MFM Dystopian Romance. It says so right on the cover. The MFM Romance part is spot on. The Dystopian part, too. But, Dark...well, not so much.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book. If I ignore the ‘love at first sight’ part of the story (which, honestly, isn’t my thing) the romance, the emotions, the connection between Xena, Phoenix and Silas...and of course the steaming, raw sex are all superb.

The weak part is the dystopian setting...and the ONE MISSION. It isn’t deep enough, in my opinion. I kept waiting for some sudden unexpected twist in the story, but the story went in the same direction it was expected to go right from the beginning. There is nothing groundbreaking in the mission and how it is executed. And the villain, well, he hardly has anything to do.

Xena as a protagonist is a well written character, with depth of passion, courage and tragedy. She complete sells the premise of having, needing and enjoying two polar opposite partners.

Read this novel as a romance only.

Grab your copy here:

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