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Size Is Just Numbers...So Are Finances!

Thank you, Mia Sivan, for sharing your work with me.

Analysing Her Assets is the author’s second book and second novel in her The Women of Tel Aviv series. This is not a sequel, but another story in the same genrè and the same world. And there is a lovely cameo by the lead characters of her previous book: Crunching Her Numbers, that was a nice surprise.

The author loves Tel Aviv and that is apparent in her writing. The beauty of her characters are always complemented by the beauty of the landscape.

Tamar Feynman is a plus sized financial analyst who is quite self-conscious about her appearance. With her no-nonsense attitude and her no-dating-at-work policy, she is viewed as a snob buy her male colleages, but she can hold her salt against the best of them in her profession. Until, that is, she meets her rival, the tall, sexy, long-haired Gideon Sela.

Her rival in the annual ‘Best Virtual Portfolio’ competition and her rival for the position of Chief Analyst in the firm, Gideon could not be a further from having any chance of a romantic relation or even a friendship with Tamar. But there was no denying that chiselled body was meant to be ridden.

And it so happened, Tamar was Gideon’s type!

So, a not-so-typical typical workplace romance with no strings attached ensues with passion and heat and mutual respect.

But the professional rivalry was not to be ignored.

A chauvinist boss, a narcissistic office bully, some family secrets and a lot of sweet sweet romance…and did I mention: two dogs!

The story is short and sweet and very well written.

I would surely say that there are some formulaic plot elements used in this book which are similar to Crunching Her Numbers, but not so much as to make this book any less of an entertaining read than it should be. Although the dose of steam was less than I had hoped. And the villain, I wished him to be a bit more intelligent and a bit less of a clichéd bad guy.

Overall, Analysing Her Assets is a must read for a healthy dose of sex, romance, heartache, body positivity and financial jargon with such sweetness that will stir the hopeless romantic in you, not to mention stirring some other things, too.

The book comes out on 14th May:

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