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The Title Says It All – Don’t Expect Anything More

This is not the kind of book I usually read or review. Thank you, Annabelle Pierce, for providing me an electronic copy of the book. But then I discovered this book was available on Kindle Unlimited; I borrowed it on KU and then realized the first thing you need to know if you are thinking about reading this book: This book is not meant to be read in the electronic medium. And whatever you do, don’t download it on a Kindle device, that would be even worse than reading it in your mobile or tablet.

The second thing you need to know is that this book says everything you need to know to decide whether this book is for you or not in its title.

Now to the main part: my feelings about the book.

First – it is a beautifully crafted book, and is, as I mentioned earlier, meant to be bought as a physical copy and to be used, to be written in, drawn in, scribbled in. And here comes another issue - it's paperback is priced at over a thousand Rupees in India, so not many girls (or their parents) will think about buying the paperback.

It is not a motivational self-help book. It is for those teenage girls who are already motivated and are looking for a guide or a way to travel out of their cage of self-doubt and self-hate. There are some stories, some quotes, some descriptions and a lot of exercises. Although I couldn’t count 101, but close enough.

So, the descriptions and narration are mostly straightforward. The quotes are interesting. The stories are mostly ok…sometimes well-crafted and sometimes too simple. Again: all good for the target readership of this book.

The exercises were nice and generally showed good link to the chapter topic and segregation from other areas. I would say, half the book is taken by the exercises where you – the girls reading this book have to fill in their responses. And you also get a chance to purchase a 90 Day Wellness Journey Tracker. Its e-book version is free with the book itself and is also available on KU. But – this is a journal. What good will an electronic copy of a journal do, I don’t know. But content wise, considering if you bought a physical copy, it is nice.

Still, the journal aside, this Work-Book is a helpful piece for schoolgirls who, more often than not, suffer from low self-esteem and become a victim of body shaming and bullying and are looking to climb out of their pit of darkness. If you take the workbook part aside, the content, the stories and the quotes are nice, but not extraordinary.

Consider this book exactly for what is mentioned in its title.

Buy your copy here:

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