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Typical Dan Brown.... A Very Good Novel, Not Awesome

Dan Brown is a suspense genius, that is a given. And his ability to create stories and conspiracies in the real world in real time is the best attribute of his novels. I have read all of them.

I have two gripes with Origin - Robert Langdon appears to have almost no aftereffects of his previous life-changing events. When a person is in a life and death, race against time situation once, it stays with him. I noticed this in The Lost Symbol and Inferno, too. Robert's personality is almost the same as it was in the first book. A little bit of reference wouldn't hurt... It would bring more depth to his character.

That would be a good thing, knowing that DB has over a dozen more books planned with Langdon! But I think DB wants us to focus more on the story rather than its protagonist.

The second thing: this mystery was predictable. I wasn't awed by the discovery which was the centre piece of this book (I know the basic science behind this from my studies) but I was nonetheless impressed with the presentation. That being said, the mystery element - regarding the life and death situation - was predictable. Readers will understand what I am referring to.

All in all, however, the book is great. A must read. Typical Dan Brown. That is the most positive as well as the most negative things here. Typical Dan Brown means a great novel. But typical Dan Brown means a little repetitive/predictable.

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