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So Now RBI Is Not Letting Me Renew My Subscription! AGAIN!!

Yeah, this is not news. Nothing new.

Over the past few months, the new RBI rules (restrictions on #RecurringPayments) have caused delay in subscription renewals for many services. RBI is like, you can buy stuff, but you can’t subscribe for a continuous service.

At one point I lost (couldn’t renew) my YouTube Premium subscription. Had to wait till somehow YouTube figured a way out. Then it was the same with all my recurring payments, including term insurance. But those were easy - just relink the payment details.

I can not use the Auto-reload feature of #AmazonPay.

And now - THIS!

#EnvatoElements has been my go to service for digital assets. Be it stock videos, graphic templates, fonts, music and a lot more - with which I can add a bling to my social media creations. But now… there is no way to renew my subscription.

I can still buy the same items from the same website - but I can’t subscribe for site-wide access. What is the rationale behind this, I wonder! Another instance of the government trying to control what we do?

Or maybe it is a rule put in place for the benefit of unsuspecting Indians who unknowingly end up clicking on a subscribe button or in some other way enroll in a service which would automatically debit some money on a regular basis from their account!

Who knows - I was still able to renew my #AmazonPrimeVideo, #Netflix, #DisneyPlusHotstar subscriptions, along with others. But there are restrictions which make no sense to me! Like I can subscribe to #Adobe services, but not #Envato? Why??

Tell me your thoughts about this. How have the new RBI regulations hit you?

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